5 Tips for Navigating Valentine’s Day Solo

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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. If you are recently divorced or newly single, this particular day can leave a bitter taste in your mouth, and with all of the commercials, retail displays, and social media chatter, it can feel like there is a giant blinking sign that hangs over your head and reads “ALONE.”

Take heart, friend, and remember that Valentine’s Day is just a day like any other, but you can still celebrate it without having a special someone. If you aren’t the sentimental type, then you probably already have a plan for ignoring Valentine’s Day, but if you’re like many people, and spending the holiday without a significant other gives you a little anxiety, having an alternate focus can be just the right tonic. We’ve gathered some great ideas to help boost your spirits and drive home the idea that Valentine’s Day isn’t just for lovebirds.

1. Single And Loving It

A fantastic way to spend Valentine’s Day is with a group of single friends. Go out to eat or stay home and watch a game. Host a dinner party or binge watch a ridiculous TV show. You can celebrate together the joys of being unattached! Friends are just as important as a love interest, and friends also hold a very special place in our hearts. It makes sense to spend a day that celebrates love with others we care about.

2. Celebrate With Your Kids

If you’re a single parent, consider celebrating Valentine’s Day with your kids. Make it a special day and have some quality family time. Incorporate a new tradition like going ice skating, baking cupcakes, doing a craft, or all of the above. Time with kids can be especially therapeutic thanks to how easily they bring out our fun and silly sides. Besides, who doesn’t want their kid to be their Valentine?

3. Leave Town

Even if Valentine’s Day doesn’t bring you down, leaving town is another great way to enjoy the holiday solo. If you live anywhere that isn’t warm in February, then the idea of a getaway somewhere tropical can be just the right winter pick-me-up. So pack up the car, get a pet sitter, and hit the trail. Getting away with a friend can be fun, but going solo can be equally satisfying — and you’ll get to make all the decisions.

4. Do Something For You

Make sure to do something nice for yourself. If it’s treating yourself to a specialty coffee or buying something you’ve been eyeing for awhile, the idea is to reward yourself for, well, being you.
This is a no-strings attached action, too, so give yourself permission to buy the box of chocolates, or even a flower arrangement just because.

5. Practice Self Love

Just like self care, self love is an equally important practice. Sure it sounds hokey, but if you can’t love yourself then it’s harder to forge lasting relationships with others, and we should practice self love the entire year, not just on Valentine’s Day.

It’s not always easy being single. It has led many people to dangerous and otherwise unhealthy lifestyles, and Valentine’s Day can be particularly hard if you let it be. The key is to take charge and make a great day for yourself. If you can learn to enjoy Valentine’s Day as a single person, you can learn to enjoy just about any day.

Give one or several of these ideas a try and you’re sure to notice a difference. Plus, the only bitter taste in your mouth will be the dark chocolate you were treated to. Happy Valentine’s Day!



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