Services Package 2: Break-up Recovery and New Beginnings

Break-up Recovery and New Beginnings.

A 4 week mentoring program for new single parents who are recovering from a break up and need help to get back on their feet.

Suddenly you are a single parent. Whether it was your decision, your ex partner’s decision, or a mutual decision, you are likely to be feeling lost, afraid, overwhelmed and a little (OK let’s be honest, VERY) freaked out. This mentoring program is all about getting back on your feet as a single parent. Through this 4 session one on one mentoring program, I will assist you in:

  • Understanding and overcoming your grief,
  • Recovering from your break-up,
  • Creating a positive mindset,
  • Finding your true empowered self,
  • Establishing  and carrying out new goals,
  • Working out practicalities and logistics as a new single parent,
  • Finding a great family lawyer (should you need one) and other experts you may need,
  • Dealing with your ex-partner so that you can achieve a positive co-parenting relationship, and
  • Helping your children understand the changes, and understanding how you can best help them through this time.

Who is this for?

Mums or dads who have recently separated from their partner or spouse.

How does it work?

We will work closely together for four x 1 hour sessions over the phone or Skype. If you are in Sydney (Australia), we can meet in person too. These sessions are typically a week or two apart.

How much does it cost?

This mentoring program can be purchased for one payment of $497.

What are the outcomes of the program?

After our sessions you will feel positive and optimistic about the future. You will feel confident in who you are, and well on your way to being back to your true self. You will accept the past and be strong, empowered, and motivated to be the very best version of yourself. You will have focused goals, and feel excited and motivated about reaching them. The future will not feel so overwhelming anymore and you will have direction, and feel confident that you can be an amazing single parent. You will be armed full of information, and have resources to help you along the way. You will feel happy, inspired, and have a zest for life that you don’t remember having for a very long time.