To The Single Mum At Christmas

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To The Single Mum At Christmas

Christmas is supposed to be the happiest time of year, right? It’s the time of year that is supposed to be about happy children, love, celebrations, family, friends, food… For the kids it sometimes seems it is only about the presents… But Christmas can be very hard on single mums (and single dads too).

Christmas can be a time of reflection and reminiscing about past happy times (or maybe not so happy times). It can be a time of sadness, a time of loneliness, a time of guilt… Have I failed my children? Have I let them down? Could I have done more?Continue Reading →

A letter to my daughter as she finishes day care

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A letter to my daughter as she finishes day care.

To my darling daughter,

Wow, I cannot believe that you have finished day care. Forever!! It is the end of a chapter and the start of an exciting new one.

When you were a baby, leaving day care felt a lifetime away. It was something I didn’t have to think about. But now I do. We are here. Today. Now.

The end of a chapter is always a time of reflection for me. As I look back on the last three and a half years you have spent at your day care, it makes me smile.Continue Reading →

How did we get here so fast?

How did we get here so fast, single mum, single mom, starting school, single mother, single mother survival guide

How did we get here so fast?

When my daughter was two weeks old, I watched a documentary about a young Australian man who tried to smuggle drugs through Singapore airport to make a few bucks so he could help his twin brother out of a financial rut. He was subsequently sentenced to death. 

I remember after watching it I sat in the bath cradling my tiny, sweet, innocent newborn baby in my arms, and I cried, and cried. Blame it on the hormones, or who knows, but all I could think about was that mother’s grief. I felt it. It was so real. And then I started to panic. I was terrified I’d forget to teach my daughter something crucial – like never ever smuggle drugs or you may be sentenced to death by firing squad. I worried for the world that she would grow up in, about all the bad things happening in the world, and all the bad people who might try to hurt her. I felt completely overwhelmed by the sheer enormousness of responsibility that I held in my arms. I just wanted to protect her forever. I held her close to me, and I hugged her. Continue Reading →