I’m a Single Mum…Now What?

I’m a Single Mum… Now What?

So you are a single mum… now what? You are likely feeling overwhelmed with what to do regarding what is best for your children, living arrangements, financials, custody, legal affairs etc. A good starting point to make you feel a little more organised and less stressed, is to contact Centrelink, and Child Support Australia. They will need to be informed of your new single parent status. It is also a good idea to speak to a lawyer, and seek counselling.

Hints and Tips

On this page you will find some useful hints and tips that I have learnt over the years since becoming a single mum.

HELP Resources

There are several organisations that can help you with specific things such as food, and paying for bills, and other organisations to assist you with services that they offer such as legal advice, and counselling for children.

Centrelink Advice

There are a range of Centrelink benefits you may be eligible to receive. There is a comprehensive list of what you may be eligible to receive, depending on your circumstances, in the “I’m a single mum…now what?” Essential Guide which can be downloaded below.

Child Support

Find all the information you need when starting to navigating the world of child support in the  in the “I’m a single mum…now what?” Essential Guide which can be downloaded below.

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Here you will find a collection of research that has been done, or places where you yourself can research. It includes useful books, articles, research papers and conference papers etc. on separation, divorce, and impacts on children.

Online Security

One of the most important things you should do when separating is change all your passwords and check you are secure online.


Here you will find some frequently asked questions to do with separation.