Single Mum Media Call Out

Single mums – do you want a free car for a month, and some cash?

Fremantle Media (who create shows like Family Feud, The X Factor, Australia’s Got Talent etc.) are doing a web series, and are looking to cast Sydney based real people, families and friends, including single mums. If picked, you will get a one off fee and a brand new SUV to drive for a month…for FREE. For a single mum, this could be very handy. But this is open to EVERYONE in Sydney! Share it with your friends and family.

Why not take part, and have some fun?

So, what’s the deal?

It’s so much fun! Basically you will be given a free car for you, your family and friends for the month, and all you have to do is record some moments with an iPhone that will be given to you. You just pop it on the dashboard and hit record when you go on some journeys. EASY! The idea is to capture real people, and real moments. Perhaps you like to sing in the car, or your children are lunatics? Everyone can relate to that! Why not share the entertainment?

There isn’t that much of a time commitment, and it’s not like TV where there’s an episode every other night. So I say….GO FOR IT! 

See below for details, and email if you’re interested.


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