Why being a single mum on Mother’s Day is a cause for champagne

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Why being a single mum on Mother’s Day is a cause for champagne.

Many single mums dread Mother’s Day. It can be a reminder as to what has been lost and the shattering of dreams. I never really had that, as my relationship with my daughter’s dad wasn’t that great to begin with. My one and only Mother’s Day as a non-single mum, went by without one mention of the words Mother’s Day. To me, it was an indication of all that was wrong with our relationship.

So for me, I have always had fun on Mother’s day, despite it sometimes feeling like any other day. Here are 10 reasons why as single mums, we should all celebrate Mother’s Day with a glass (or three) of champagne.

1. We are Mothers.

Mother’s Day is about celebrating being a mum. We can celebrate that our children chose us to be their mums, and we are the lucky ones that get to be their mothers. How lucky are we that we get to tuck them into bed and kiss them goodnight? How lucky are we that we get to watch them sleeping? How lucky are we that we get to hear their infectious giggles and funny remarks? How lucky are we that they are happy and healthy? How lucky are we that our children are growing up to be such well-rounded individuals? We did that. US. Cheers!

2. There is no feeling of rejection.

For me, when I was with my daughter’s dad and my first mother’s day went by without a mention, I felt completely rejected as a partner and as a mum. There were no words of you’re doing such a great job with our baby, thank you for everything that you do for us, we love you. Nothing. I know how much my daughter loves me, and now I’m not waiting on any words to affirm that I’m doing a good job or that I am loved, because I already know it. Cheers!

3. Me-time.

If we share care with our baby daddy, then Mother’s Day may fall on our weekend without the kids. If that is the case, we have achieved the dream of what all mothers really want on Mother’s Day – some time out, and me-time. Let’s treat ourselves. Cheers!

4. We are not alone.

If we are with our kids on Mother’s Day, we can celebrate together with some other single mum friends. There’s plenty of us around. Cheers!

5. We are tough AF.

Before I was a single mum, I rarely did any repairs on anything, I didn’t kill any bugs, and I didn’t do anything to my car. At all. Now, I can fix things around the house, kill bugs, and change a tyre. We are tough AF. Smashing it! Cheers!

6. We have freedom.

Not having to compromise, doing whatever we like, eating whatever we like, seeing who we want when we want, going where we want when we want, buying what we want without explanation, not having to justify seeing friends and family and at what time intervals, having more time with friends and family, watching whatever we like on TV (Real Housewives anyone?)…the list goes on and on. Knowing that we can do whatever we want with our lives, and that we are in charge, is pretty great don’t you think? Cheers!

7. We have strength.

Going through a separation or divorce is one of the most stressful life events anyone will go through. Going through it brings out the strength we didn’t even know we had. Once you come out the other side, you realise that you are strong and that you can handle anything the world throws at you. When you see it, and experience it, you are unstoppable. Cheers!

8. We have achieved personal growth.

When in an unhealthy or toxic relationship, many women lose themselves. I know I did. I lost who I was – I lost my self-esteem, my confidence, my voice, my soul. After I healed and I took charge of my life and I got back to being me, I realised that I had grown in so many ways as a person. I have my identity back, I have my confidence back, I have my voice, I stand up for myself and what I believe in, and I know that being myself is enough. Cheers!

9. The bond we have with our children.

The bond I have with my daughter is so special to me. I feel we would not have had the bond that we have if my relationship with her father hadn’t ended. And that’s also because I’ve been able to parent her the way that I want to. We are a team. Cheers!

10. We are great role models for our children.

I want my daughter to know that we only live once, and that she should never ever settle for a relationship that is unhealthy and where she is unhappy. We all deserve happiness, and to be treated with respect. Whilst my ex is a great father, he wasn’t a great partner to me. And my daughter has seen the way he treats me on several occasions since we split up. She is very protective of me, and I don’t want her to think that that behaviour is acceptable in a relationship. Whilst we can’t control the behaviour and actions of others, we can choose how we respond and if we will stand for it. I will not stand for it, and my daughter has seen that. I want to show her that she deserves only the best. Cheers!

So I propose a toast to all the tough AF single mums around the country today. Because we have a lot to celebrate this Mother’s Day. We are doing an amazing job as mums. And as single mums, we are doing double. Cheers ladies.


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