{REVIEW} Superhero Training School at iFly Downunder

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Who wants to be a superhero?

My daughter was bursting with excitement on Sunday morning. We had been invited to the iFLY Superhero Training School Media Preview, and the day had finally arrived… She had been counting down the days. This was the day she was going to learn how to be a real life superhero and learn how to fly.

single mum, schools holidays, iFly review, superhero

We drove out to the iFly Indoor Skydiving Sydney West facility which is located in Penrith. It took a good hour to drive there from our place, but was it worth it? ABSOLUTELY!

When we arrived we had to check in and sign a waiver. I won’t lie, this did worry me a little a bit. Here I was signing away and acknowledging my daughter could get injured, or worse – die. What was I thinking?

My daughter was completely transfixed watching the professional skydivers in action, and admittedly – so was I.  It was incredible to watch.

single mum, schools holidays, iFly review, superhero

After all the wannabe superheros had arrived, the training began. The staff were incredible, and complete in superhero outfits too. My daughter was convinced one of them was the “real life” Superman. Marty, the manager, taught the kids how to turn whilst flying and how to do all the manoeuvres they may need to know. They practiced on little platforms with wheels and then watched a couple of DVDs about skydiving.

Soon after, it was time to gear up. There was some training on safety and skills and then my daughter decided to throw a tantrum into the mix. Because…why not? She was actually not scared about the flying, but she didn’t like the suit she had to wear. It was toooooooooo tiiiiiiiiight! And then the helmet was too tight. She is a sensitive soul at times. I have to say though, the staff were amazing, and very patient with all the children. And there were 20 of them all up, varying between three and fifteen years old.

Then it was time to get down to business and line up. Our little superheros were about to enter the vertical wind tunnel. Underneath was a massive wind generator which would propel our little ones effortlessly skyward. The helicopter parent in me was starting to freak out a little bit. Okay, a lot. The all-round viewing platform meant that we got to watch everything that was happening. The funny thing was, there were a few children in the group that were scared to do it (not my daughter of course – #adrenalinejunkie) but when it came down to doing it, none of them backed out or even hesitated. I think it came down to the staff who were so encouraging and supportive.

single mum, schools holidays, iFly review, superhero

I felt bad for the parents of the first child that stepped in, because none of us really knew what to expect. Although we had been watching people do it all morning, we hadn’t seen any beginner children do it. The kid stepped into the tunnel straight into the arms if the instructor. I was very happy to see that an instructor remained in contact, holding onto our children, at all times. And then they shot off into the air and there was a huge gasp from all the parents on the viewing platform. There were a couple of OMFG’s said aloud (I can confirm one was mine), and then laughter. Because it was so funny! The looks on the kids’ faces were absolutely priceless. And they had that wobbly skydiving face thing going on. I haven’t laughed so hard in a long time.

Then it was my daughter’s time. She stepped through the door into the wind tunnel. I was so nervous for her. The instructor didn’t take her up high; everything is age appropriate and completely up to the child. But my daughter had an absolute blast, even though she couldn’t stop kicking her legs wildly through the air.

I really can’t recommend this place highly enough. The staff are sensational, it’s an incredible experience, all the kids loved it, and they even had a great café right next to the viewing platform complete with almond milk as an option for coffee. There is also ample parking onsite that is free. They even have the option of joining the Junior iFlyer club, which is like weekend sport. Who wants to go to ballet when you can go flying every Sunday instead?

single mum, schools holidays, iFly review, superhero

This is an activity that’s perfect for you AND the kids to even do together. My only regret is not having a turn myself. Next time I definitely will be.

Watch our video on the experience below!

single mum, schools holidays, iFly review, superhero

Everyone wants to be a Superhero. All kids dream of being Superman, Wonder Woman or Batman. And these school holidays iFLY Indoor Skydiving is making that dream a reality! iFLY Indoor Skydiving are set to launch their brand new Superhero Training Classes these School holidays across all of their facilities nationally where kids from 3 years and older will learn the basics in becoming a Superhero.

iFly facilities are currently open at iFLY Indoor Skydiving Sydney West, iFLY Indoor Skydiving Gold Coast and iFLY Indoor Skydiving Perth, with other locations opening in the next year including  iFLY Indoor Skydiving Sydney and iFLY Indoor Skydiving Melbourne.

Read about the Superhero Training Classes available these school holidays here.


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