{REVIEW} The Whirlpool Crisp N’ Grill

Whirlpool Crisp N’ Grill

Recently I was sent a Whirlpool Crisp N’ Grill Microwave to review. When I say recently, it was actually about two months ago. I had it sitting in a box in my house because as you know – life gets hectic. And this thing looked COMPLICATED! You see it’s not just any old microwave – it bakes and fries, defrosts at super speeds, has a 3D distribution system to heat food evenly, and has an advanced splatter and spill resistant Protechflon coating. When I googled a couple of you tube videos on how to use it and what to cook in it, it all looked a little bit too time consuming for me to figure out in my time poor schedule… Plus, why change things up when you know what works, right? WRONG! In this case anyway.

I have to say I was super impressed. All my beliefs about it being too hard and time consuming were quickly blown out the window. I saved more time cooking one meal in the Whirlpool Crisp N’ Grill than I spent trying to figure it out. It was so easy to set up, the instructions were clear, and it even came with a mini recipe book.

It also came with a Crisp Plate, Grill and a special little holder to remove the hot Crisp Plate from the microwave once cooking is complete.

Whirlpool Crisp N’ Grill

The first meal I attempted was a pizza. It’s something that my daughter really likes to help me with. The recipe book included a pizza recipe, and though I didn’t follow it, I did use it for the cooking times and what buttons to press.

I like to make our home made pizzas on Lebanese bread. The reason for this is that I like thin crust pizzas, they’re quicker to cook and healthier than traditional ready-made pizza base options available (I don’t know the latter for a fact, but it makes sense in my head), and it’s really cheap (they usually come in a pack of 6-8 for only $2-3). I usually have a packet of Lebanese bread in my freezer ready to go in case we want to make a quick pizza.

Here is how I cooked our pizza in the Whirlpool Crisp N’ Grill.

Julia’s Easy Kids Hawaiian Pizza


– 3 tbsp Passata

– A large handful of ham, cut up

– ½ cup pineapple chunks

– 1 ½ cups of cheese – I usually use a mixture of mozzarella and tasty/cheddar


Place the Lebanese bread on the Crisp plate, and spread the Passata over the top. Then top with the remaining ingredients and cook for 7 minutes on the crisp function.

I have suggested cooking it for 7 minutes as ours was slightly overdone, but only ever so slightly. It was deliciously crispy, and actually a lot tastier than the pizza I usually make in the oven.

With the Crisp function, microwaves are held and absorbed by the crisp plate, heating its entire surface. At the same time the energised microwaves and the grill element combine to cook food quickly and to brown top surfaces while bottom surfaces are crisped. Genius!

The second item of food I made was roast potatoes. This impressed me the most. All I did was peel and cut up two large potatoes, put them on the crisp plate, sprinkle with olive oil and Himalayan sea salt (is this not the best ingredient ever?), and cook on the crisp function for 18 minutes, giving them a toss half way through. They were the yummiest roast potatoes I’ve made. Perfectly crispy on the outside, and deliciously soft and fluffy (not sure if that is a technical cooking term) on the inside.

So far, the other thing that has REALLY impressed me is that when I have reheated food, somehow the food comes out deliciously hot, but the bowl I’ve warmed it up in has remained only slightly warm which means I am no longer accidentally burning myself. Winning!

After cooking only a few meals, I feel confident to branch out on my own and experiment a little. And the possibilities are endless – you can cook quiche, omelette, chicken, stuffed vegetables, and even deserts like strudel and cake in this machine. I’m really excited to test out some more meals. And I’m happy that this has simplified the cooking process for me allowing me to spend more time with my daughter.

The Whirlpool Crisp N’ Grill is available at The Good Guys.


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